Tovolo Soak N' Strain Colander, Candy Apple - 1.5 quart

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  • SWIVELING COLANDER: Peg inserts on the colander fit inside mixing bowl handles to keep both pieces together as the strainer swivels away from the bowl for draining. The pegs do not slide out of the inserts when turning, ensuring an easy drain.
  • POUR SPOUT FOR EASY DRAINING: After soaking your produce, easily pour the water out of the spout. As the colander swivels to protect your fruits and vegetables from falling into the sink, the water will pour out of the spout for mess-free draining.
  • STRAINER SEPARATES FROM BOWL: Both the colander and bowl are designed to be used either separately or together. The strainer can be removed from the bowl and placed in the sink, and the bowl can be used for mixing, dressing a salad, serving and more.
  • LARGE HOLES FOR QUICK STRAINING: Colander holes are large to encourage quick draining after soaking. Holes are tapered inward, so they will catch any produce that could fall through without compromising waterflow.
  • DIMENSIONS: 10" L X 8" W X 4.75” H; measurements include handles. For ease of use, this kitchen essential is BPA-free, food-safe, and dishwasher-safe.




  • Brand = Tovolo Ica-Usa

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