About Lincoln Park Emporium

   Lincoln Park Emporium, LLC was established by Odie and Mary Roberts in 2009.  It was their hope that the store would help revitalize Greeley's historic downtown area.  The building was previously operated by the J. C. Penney Company from 1909 to 1984 as a large department store.  In 1988, Betty and Bob Tointon opened Antiques at Lincoln Park which operated until 2008 and was a premier, high-end store that was a Colorado treasure.

    In 2009 the Emporium started accepting furniture/décor on consignment so that folks needing a place to sell home goods could ensure the safety of family heirlooms and memorabilia.  Some of the first consigners brought items that had been in storage because options for selling things were limited or non-existent.  They also wanted to help get the 18,000-square foot store filled so that buyers would have many unique choices to take home.  Antiquities have been accepted from the start, but all eras and styles are included to ensure a broad range of merchandise from which to choose.

   Each year the owners and the store changed to accommodate national and local trends in order to offer customers alternatives to national chain stores.  New products were added to the consignment items, which shoppers say adds to the ambiance of the store.

   The year 2015 saw the creation of a new store within the Emporium - Miss Mary's Kitchen opened to offer new gadgets, baking supplies and small table top electronic appliances.  In 2016 Owlz Used Books was added as a new store since our city had a need for a place to search the restful aisles of books.  Mattresses and bedding have been available over the years and in 2017 a store was created called The Bedding Balcony to designate the mezzanine for all bedroom related items (old and new).  New Karastan area carpets were added in 2017 with a large 40-piece display rack for showing the beauty of the USA Made rugs that are created from recycled water bottles. And as we move into 2018 we are continuing to change things, we will be moving from doing to consignments to just purchasing items from our customers that we feel we can then resale. We will continue to maintain those accounts that we have established already, but will be limiting the amount of items we take on consignment.

   2018 is the tenth year of operation for Lincoln Park Emporium.  More adventures await in the next ten years.