Tovolo King Cube Clear Ice System

Tovolo King Cube Clear Ice System

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  • CREATE STUNNING ICE: Large, impressive cubes come out crystal clear with this system. Thanks to the insulation from the foam, ice freezes slowly, ensuring a clear result. Show off the purest ice possible with this easy-to-use system.
  • SIMPLE SYSTEM: To create clear ice, first assemble the tray according to the directions. Fill the center tube with filtered water, and allow the water to flow into the silicone molds from the holes in the base. Freeze until ice is solid—about 12 to 16 hours. Dissemble the mold by removing the foam insulation, then peel the silicone mold away from your clear ice.
  • SLOW-MELTING CUBES: Large ice cube melt slowly to minimize drink dilution. The insulation and silicone duo seals out invasive scents and flavors for beautiful ice at the peak of freshness. The sophisticated touch adds elegance to your favorite whiskey, bourbon, cocktail, and more. Add to bar drinks, pitchers, punch, or other beverages for long-term chilling power.
  • STRAIGHTFORWARD CARE: Wash silicone molds and plastic tray in warm, soapy water between uses. Periodically, rinse silicone with a solution of water and vinegar for best results.
  • DIMENSIONS: 15" L X 4. 75" W X 4. 5" H when assembled.  


  • Brand = Tovolo Ica-Usa

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