Dreamfarm Chopula

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  • CHOP, FLIP AND SERVE | Finally, a spatula that does it all! Chopula is not only flexible for flipping from the front, but it’s also incredibly strong for chopping on its side! Perfect for separating minced meats or eggs and flipping up pancakes
  • ON THE FLIP SIDE | Chopping and flipping has never been easier! The flexible head allows you to slide it under food with ease for a clean lift and flip. The unique head shape will keep your hand away from the heat while you chop food in a hot pan
  • AT YOUR SERVICE | Say goodbye to messy kitchen countertops. The clever bend in the handle design lifts the head up and off your bench so you can keep your surfaces clean and the Chopula hygienic
  • REACH THE IMPOSSIBLE | Go boldly where no spatula has ever gone before! The multi-curved head design lets you scrape the corners of pans that other spatulas can't reach. Chopula has curves in all the right places and it's safe for non-stick pans
  • WHERE DREAMS ARE MADE | At Dreamfarm, we dreamt up functional kitchenware and home accessories as creative solutions to everyday problems. Find a great gift or item to complete your home and kitchen from our funky collection
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