Mastrad 6 Unicorn Molds

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Mastrad 3D Chocolate Unicorn Mold - Set of 3The ideal tool to make you look like a master chocolatier and to impress your family and friends!Includes 3 molds, each comprised of 2 pieces (a front and a back). The molds are sizes 2x Small and Large.Oh la la Since 1994, Amstrad, the leading French housewares company have specialized in the design of culinary accessories and have been working to revolutionize the world of cooking by creating "The Art of Utility". Starting with the ground-breaking Does stainless steel soap, Mastrad catapulted to international acclaim with the signature Okra silicone oven mitt range. So what is Mastrad recipe for success? A good dose of utility, a big spoon of ergonomics and quality and the finishing touch, a pinch of aesthetics A recipe prepared with care by great chefs and designers Today, thanks to a strong team and continuous drive toward innovation, Mastrad's product collection has expanded greatly to help you make your kitchen more functional, pleasant and colorful.To please the little ones or even the big ones, for every day or for parties, make chocolate or nougatine unicorns, thanks to this complete set of shells! Coat these shells with melted chocolate (dark, white, milk, flavored ... the choice is yours), let cool, turn out, assemble, and it's ready! Includes: -one large unicorn and two small unicorn. Big Unicorn Length 5.23 x width 5.03 x depth 11.41 Small Unicorn : Length 3.07 x width 2.95 x depth 11.41* The ideal mold for making stunning chocolate skulls* Set includes: large unicorn mold and two unicorn molds* The ideal tool to make you look like a master chocolatier and to impress your family and friends, especially over Halloween* Another must have from the French cooking and baking experts* Top rack dishwasher safe 

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