Chantal Fry Pan Enamel Coated Cast Iron, Non-Stick - Cobalt Blue, 10"

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Chantal Fry Pan Enamel Coated Cast Iron 

10" Non-Stick 

Cobalt Blue

  • TOP QUALITY: Chantal’s factory has produced top quality cast-iron cookware for over 40 years!
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: Each piece is produced using the most advanced techniques available today; Sand-cast molds skillfully form each piece ensuring consistent thickness and shape.
  • EVEN HEAT DISTRIBUTION: Exceptional even heat distribution is perfect for searing at high temperature or simmering at low temperatures. Stylish, heavy lids keep in all moisture which maximizes flavors while cooking.
  • DURABLE: Durable top-grade enamel is fired at high temperatures to create a truly unmatched finish with a deep, rich color that will never fade.

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