Pickup Fees

Pick Up Fees for 2019

Fees for picking up consignment items - that will be sold at Lincoln Park Emporium (LPE) - will be calculated on a per hour and mileage system.

Fee Calculations
Mileage charges are $1.50 per mile Round Trip from LPE to the address using Google Maps mileage indicator.
Hourly rate is $90.00 per hour for the time that the LPE Personnel are at the address packing and loading the truck. Hourly rate starts at the time LPE personnel arrive at an address and end when they are ready to leave. (One Hour Minimum) 

These fees are not paid by the seller if LPE purchases your items. However, they are taken into account when quoting the amount we will pay.

Additional Fees

Disposal of Old Mattress and Box Springs                 $35.00 per piece

Disposal of Old Electronics (not saleable)

  • Tube TV’s and Monitors $30.00 to $60.00 each depending on size
  • Projection TV’s $75.00 each
  • Stereo Equipment $35.00 per piece
  • Other Electronics $20.00 each                             

Q: Why the additional fees?

A:  For those items that cannot be sold in the store we have to dispose of them through the proper channels which come with service fees that sometimes are very costly.  We have no problem taking these type of items to dispose of for you but we have to pass those fees on to you.

Q: I scheduled a pickup but have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances. How do I reschedule?

A: We're very flexible and will work with you to reschedule - just contact us.

Q: What if multiple loads are required to pick up all of my items?

A: For the most part we can pack a 1-bedroom sized apartment in our truck in one load. If it takes multiple loads, then the fees will be charged in the same manner for each additional load.

We are here to provide the best service for our customers.  We can be reached at (970) 351-6222 during business hours. For emergencies (970) 381-7398