About Owlz Used Book Store

   There's something about being in the aisles of a book store that bring memories of past excursions in forgotten places.  Maybe it's the whiff of paper, ink and glue which is ubiquitous in libraries or the feel of the books that are examined for potential purchase.  Whatever the cause, the feeling is evident in the rows of book cases in Owlz Used Books even though those rows are part of the larger Emporium.

   Opened in 2016 to offer options to locals who wanted to check out books the old-fashioned way, it also has other offerings such as magazines, comic books, sewing and needlework patterns and collectibles - vintage/antique.  An area for children's books and games is positioned next to a quasi-music section for vinyl records, CD's, video's and sheet music.  Cookbooks are in a special section next to Miss Mary's Kitchen and include some new publications as well as old favorites.

   Each month a book signing is hosted to highlight a local author and the publication of a new book. Extra signed copies of the books are available in a separate section of these authors.  Visitors often find it interesting to read about the area presented by a community member.

    Books ends, available for sale, hold up several books in a few sections.  Large print books are kept in a special section for easy access.  The books are organized by genre and then alphabetically by author.