Oh Boy Was That Good

Howdy Folks.

Oh my Gosh everyone, if you were not here last night for the cooking and product demo then you really missed a good time.  Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun and got to eat some delicious food in the end.  And Dave, he even won the door prize, funny the only guy there that was not working. Travis did a great job as always in explaining the products he was using and also what he was preparing.  I tried my best to keep up with everything but being the little fellow that I am I also had to make sure that I was not stepped on either.  The food, boy was that great, or at least the crumbs were. But everyone was raving about the green chili just wish someone would have dropped some of that to the floor for me to taste. 

Anyway the events that Miss Mary's Kitchen hosts just seem to be a big hit with everyone that comes.  So keep checking out out website and Facebook pages for the upcoming January Events and get signed up early.



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  • Gordy – You’ll like our January class too!

    Miss Mary

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