Gordy Groundhog

Howdy Ho Everyone,

OH BOY OH BOY Our New website is up and running and Gordy is so happy to present you with a fresh and so much better place to shop online with Lincoln Park Emporium. 

Just a quick note for those of you that have been using our old website, glad to see you here now.  We have hopefully made some improvements that will make navigating around and purchasing through the website easier.  We have also added a lot of information about what is happening in the store and around downtown. 

Also for your shopping pleasure we have divided things into four areas Lincoln Park Emporium, Miss Mary's Kitchen, Owlz Used Books and the Bedding Balcony. 

The Lincoln Park area will host all the used items that we have up for sale excluding bedroom items.

Miss Mary's Kitchen area will host all the new kitchen products and gadgets to make your life easier.

Owlz Used Books is the area that we will place those used and old books that collectors may like to purchase.

the Bedding Balcony has all the products for your bedroom.  Mattresses, bedding, and furniture can all be found here.

Also be sure to check out our Events and Calendar's page there is always something happening here in the store and also around the downtown area.

Well enough for now,

Gordy Groundhog

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  • This is a wonderful new site for a great store! We’ll keep checking back to see what’s happening and what you’ve added.

    Cheryl Jones

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